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As we continue to ease out of lockdown, we’re looking back at some of the ways that EctoVise has been able to fulfil its mission to help individuals and businesses combat the global Covid 19 crisis, and we celebrate acts of kindness from some local organisations during this unprecedented pandemic.

Here at EctoVise we’re passionate about the vital role that education plays in all our lives, so we wanted to do what we could to ensure the hard work in educational establishments wasn’t hindered by shortages of PPE during the crisis. We were therefore delighted to be able to assist Cheltenham College.

At the beginning of the Easter holidays, Cheltenham College opened its car parks for use by NHS staff who work at the neighbouring Cheltenham General Hospital. Not only did this help to reduce journey time and cost for NHS staff, but it has also created space for visitors and patients within the hospital car parks.

And when pupils couldn’t physically return after the holidays, the college went a step further, opening one of their boarding houses for NHS doctors and nurses to use between long and challenging shifts.

Old Cheltonians, members of staff, pupils and external companies came together to provide not only for the NHS, but also for the college during the pandemic. We appreciate that instilling confidence in staff, pupils and parents is key in these uncertain times, so we were more than happy to donate a quantity of our high quality EctoVise face visors to assist with the re-opening of the college.

"At Cheltenham College our priority is the safety and welfare of our staff and pupils. The Covid 19 period has created unexpected challenges for us all. We are very grateful for the kind donation of PPE by EctoVise that has helped to ensure that we have adequate reserves for September when we hope that the majority of the staff and pupil body will be returning to site. Andrew Hailes, Deputy Bursar, Cheltenham College.

About EctoVise:

EctoVise is a subsidiary of PolarSeal – a leading UK medical device manufacturer. PolarSeal uses dual-site, UK medical manufacturing and conversion facilities to produce its Ectovise Face Shields and distribute them to protect healthcare workers globally. The simple but effective, anti-fog visor design will provide a comfortable, protective barrier against viruses for nurses, care workers, key workers and anyone requiring PPE facial protection, ensuring they are best-equipped to defeat COVID-19.

Contact us to find out more or discuss requirements for EctoVise Face Shields.

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